Create Email Campaign

  1. Select “New Campaign” at the top left of the page.
  2. Enter all prompted information, starting with the “Campaign Name.”
  3. “From Name” is the name of the organization the campaign is coming from.
  4. “Reply To” is the email address of whom the individual can send a reply email to.
  5. “Subject Line” is what the subject line of the email reads.
  6. “Preheader” is what the first line of the email text reads when the individual is looking at the email in their inbox.
  7. Select the appropriate “Email List” that this campaign will be sent out to.
  8. The “Email Body” section is where the content of the email is built-out.
  1. The email is built out by selecting the small gray arrow in the top right corner of the screen, and dragging over individual snippets of headers, text boxes, etc. to add content.
  2. Once the email is built, save the campaign.
  3. It is recommended that multiple “tests” are sent out to various email addresses on different email sites, so the email can be inspected from different email sites, the links can be tested, and the content can be inspected to make sure it looks acceptable on multiple screens (laptop, desktop, phone, etc.)
  1. Once multiple tests have been run and all looks good, “Send” the email campaign out at the organization’s desired time.
  2. After the email blast is finished sending to the entire list (takes a few minutes depending on size of the list), the email statistics can be reviewed.