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Key Features

zeNPO is the only system nonprofits need to raise money, manage events, increase membership, maintain web presence, and engage their donors, volunteers, members and boards of directors. By integrating your website, database, payment processing, ecommerce and engagement tools in one easy to use system, zeNPO saves time and costs while increasing your capacity to accomplish your mission.

Awesome Website

We consult with you to design a beautiful improved version of your current website so you can enhance your donor and member development efforts to increase fundraising and engagement. You can easily update it with new content, forms and landing pages with our website editor tool.

Enhanced Fundraising

Increase donations through email, social media and online fundraising campaigns. Easily manage fundraising events of any type or size. zeNPO’s database helps you track donations, analyze trends, automatically issue receipts to donors and maximize your fundraising efforts.

Grow Your Organization

Our team is here to help you expand your donor base and fulfill your mission. We provide consulting services on integrating zeNPO’s powerful tools with your existing development strategies to enhance your donor and member development efforts and increase fundraising and engagement.

Relationship Management

zeNPO’s database helps you organize your donors, members, volunteers and board members so you can easily engage and inspire them. A database doesn’t work well unless everyone in your organization uses it, so we designed ours to be easy for your team to learn and use.

Affordable Payment Processing

zeNPO gives you state of the art secure payment processing for online donations, ecommerce transactions, event registration and membership dues. Only 2.2% + $0.30/transaction for most nonprofits!

Comprehensive Reporting and Dashboards

zeNPO gives your team powerful reports and dashboards so everyone knows key data on fundraising, events, membership, ecommerce and volunteers.

Here's the Deal

We train your team to make the most of zeNPO’s powerful tools.


for nonprofits with annual revenue <$1m

$599/Month $1M>$3M
$799/Month $3M>$5M
$999/Month >$5M

No long term contracts

Free customer support

Free setup, training, data conversion and website.

Our Mission

We are driven by our passion to build the capacities of nonprofits to help people, animals and the planet. We've seen nonprofits struggle for years with expensive websites that needed costly updates, expensive databases that nobody knew how to use effectively, and a hodgepodge of other software that made reporting and management a nightmare. We are dedicated to making great integrated technology available to nonprofits of any size at a low cost.

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