At Zenpo Software Innovations, we typically gauge the readiness of our clients for big data and business intelligence according to their maturity levels. Different organizations have different names for data maturity levels and have their own end-purposes for gauging maturity. Some models describe the current state of data maturity, while others seek to compare the organization vis-à-vis its competitors. One common model, proposed by IBM, consists of the following maturity levels. 

  1. Ad hoc. The organization is either developing new reports or using existing ones. However, the scope of these reports is often limited to financial or operational reporting and there is little insight to be gained from these reports, which are mostly generated using historical data.
  2. Foundational. The organization realizes that data could be used to deliver ROI, but the use of this data is experimental at best. This is also the stage where business intelligence supports root-cause analyses of incidents and analytics capabilities are still limited.
  3. Competitive. Data is generated within the business and is applied to improve operations and engagement. There are signs of analytics being used to predict the outcome of specific ongoing activities and to determine ways to improve operational efficiency. 
  4. Differentiating. Business intelligence is seen as a competitive advantage. It helps stakeholders make decisions that will make the most business sense, and the organization as a whole sees data and analytics as integral to both business strategy and operations.  
  5. Breakaway. Data drives the business, not the other way around. Information is treated as a valuable asset and information governance is a part of all business processes. Analytics is automated wherever possible and directly influence decision-making. At the same time, the organization continually adapts and evolves using business insights.

Using the model above, you should be able to tell where your business stands right now. Are you looking to make the transformation to a data-driven organization? If so, partnering with Zenpo Software Innovations with its wealth of experience in business intelligence will help you meet your objectives.