The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has proven to be a disruptor in more ways than one. Supply chains have been broken, entire workforces have been immobilized, and production in many industries has ground to a halt. Despite all of these adverse effects, though, the pandemic and its side effects have underscored the need for businesses to embrace digital transformation quicker than they have anticipated. Here are three ways COVID-19 is shaping digital transformations. 

  1. More remote workers. As entire countries go into lockdown, many industries are still in the process of adopting business continuity plans that involve telecommuting. Most companies that are allowing employees to work from home have found the transition slow and painful, with many employees reporting lags in the accessibility of work-critical applications. In addition, the popular conferencing app Zoom’s security gaps have been exposed, leading businesses to adopt stricter security protocols.  
  2. Wider adoption of cloud-based applications. Businesses are starting to find out that on-premise implementations are pretty much useless in the new environment they find themselves in. Our prediction is that organizations will temporarily shift to “lite” versions of business applications as they standardize system requirements for shifting critical applications to the cloud. This process could take months, if not years, so the demand for cloud professionals will be strong for a long time.  
  3. More human-to-computer interactionsMany industries that were previously considered resistant to automation are being forced to survive without human workforces as a result of quarantine regulations. For example, consumers now prefer shopping online instead of going to the closest supermarket. The customer service industry is also going through a drastic change as contact center agents are slowly being replaced with chatbotsIf the pandemic lasts a while longer, the changes might become more permanent than originally expected, and it is likely no turning back even if infection rates go down to a manageable level. 

How is COVID-19 influencing your organization’s digital transformation efforts? Tell us in the comments below!