Office 365 has been around for almost a decade. While industry experts appreciate how has been an improvement on Microsoft Office’s look and feel, most users don’t take full advantage of Office 365’s enhanced functionality, instead choosing to use it like they would their old Office software. Here are some cool Office 365 features that will improve your productivity with little effort. 

1) Real-time file sharing and editing. Veteran Office users are familiar with this cycle: create a document, send it to others to email, wait for the recipients to send in their comments or revisions, collate the changes and edit the original file, then send the file to everyone again. Office 365 users no longer need to waste valuable time waiting for edits as saving a file to OneDrive or SharePoint will allow multiple users to work on the same file in real time.  

2) Skype integration. The days of pressing Alt-Tab and searching for the Skype window to chat with colleagues are over. Office 365 now includes Skype in-app integration, allowing you to chat and share screens with people you work with even without leaving Word or Excel.  

3) OneNote to Outlook. If you’re the designated note-taker in the team, setting deadlines, meetings, and appointments just got easier. OneNote users can now send meeting minutes through Outlook and add details for specific action items, including dates, locations, and attendees, with each action item turning into a separate meeting invite 

4) Instant laser pointer. Pressing Ctrl+P to turn your mouse pointer into a laser pointer has been a PowerPoint feature for years now, but did you know you could enjoy the same functionality on your mobile device too? Holding down your stylus or finger on the touch screen will make a red laser pointer appear. Now, you could emphasize your talking points without accidentally pointing a dangerous laser beam at anyone’s eyes.