As your business expands, you might find that responding to ever-increasing numbers of customer inquiries becomes tougher. Managing your time also becomes more of a challenge. While old-school businesses choose to hire additional people to serve as appointment-setters or secretaries, chatbots could do many of the things humans do at a fraction of the cost. 

  1. Chatbots can gather data for youWhenever someone interacts with your chatbot, it can “remember” what the user is looking for and collect useful information that could help your business. For example, it could determine that most visitors to your Facebook page are looking for garments of a particular style. This data is useful in deciding which items to promote. It is also useful for getting feedback from team members. 
  2. Chatbots can send you news and reminders. When you’re really busy, you tend to have very little time to search for news that’s relevant to your business. A chatbot can be programmed to scour the Internet for news from websites you specify, or to use specific keywords to search for news that you might find useful or interesting. The same chatbot can also send you reminders for calendar events, ensuring that you don’t miss a meeting. 
  3. Chatbots can serve as your personal assistant. Many chatbots now have the ability to schedule, edit, or cancel meetings,  and send and receive email, and to send you an alert as a scheduled appointment approaches. The variety of tasks that chatbots could do for you is merely mind-boggling. While people used to say that chatbots can do everything an assistant can do except get you coffee, many chatbot apps are now equipped to order coffee from your neighborhood Starbucks.  

Using chatbots at work saves you a lot of time, money, and energy. If you need a quick boost for your business, consider contacting us for custom chatbot development services.