Digital transformation” was one of the previous decade’s hottest buzzwords. It encompasses a variety of meanings, such as a wave of technology upgrades in an organization. However, it is more than the sum of its parts – true digital transformation involves changes in the way people and processes behave and react to stimuli.  

One facet of digital transformation that is constantly being touted as a game-changer is the use of collaborative tools. We are not just talking about apps such as Zoom or Slack; we are also referring to tools such as OneDrive and Dropbox. However, without a collaborative mindset, the presence of these tools would just be wasted. In one of the clients we’ve worked with, some individuals preferred keeping their work to themselves instead of putting files on cloud storage where other team members could access them. What was supposed to be a change that would streamline processes became a bone of contention instead. Fortunately, when management sat down with these individuals and explained the value of collaboration and how it would make things faster, they eventually relented and started learning how to use the new tools. 

The customer side of things is also something that must be discussed whenever we talk about digital transformation. Both external and internal customers expect data and services to be available on demand. They also want the connection between offline and online services to be seamless and for waiting times, if any, to be minimal. This could be achieved in a variety of ways, and reinventing the wheel isn’t always necessary. Instead, you could go the quick-win route and add layer upon layer of functionality as needed. On the other extreme, you could treat digital transformation as a long game where you select and implement a new platform and commit to utilizing it in the long run. 

Whatever shape, form, or type of digital transformation your organization is looking to implement, it is best to do it with a partner that has proven experience in different platforms. Connect with us at Zenpo Software Innovations, LLC to know more.