DevOps is fast gaining acceptance in organizations of all sizes. From startups to tech giants, DevOps brings together software development and IT operations teams to ensure that delivery time is minimized and development processes become less complex.  

Among DevOps teams, employees are expected to have skills in both development and operations. While many of these skills can be learned through experience, you can also fast-track your DevOps learning by enrolling in these online resources. 

  1. DevOps for Developers: How to Get StartedIf you already have software development experience in any domain, you will find this course very useful. It introduces you to the reasons tech companies are shifting towards DevOps and what CI/CD pipelines are and how you can apply them to your job. This course runs for around 4 weeks at 2-3 hours per week and is free. You can get a certificate for an additional $99. 
  2. Microsoft Professional Program in DevOps. Microsoft offers a modular program in DevOps that is divided into 8 courses. We suggest you take them sequentially as each course builds on the knowledge that you learn in the previous course. Each course is between 8 to 16 hours long and equips you with the six core DevOps skills. Once you finish the professional program, you can qualify for a certification that will help improve your prospects of landing a job in DevOps. The course is free, while the certification costs $99.  
  3. DevOps Foundation Course at LinkedIn LearningThis course focuses on the values of culture, automation, measurement, and sharing (CAMS). The instructors cover the different tools and methodologies that you can use to ease your transition to DevOps, including lean and agile project management philosophies. It also discusses how DevOps is different from ITSM, ITIL, and SDLC and how each of these principles fit into the entire DevOps framework. The course ends by tackling infrastructure automation, continuous delivery, and reliability engineering. The entire course costs just $39.99, but you can use a free trial for one month.